Monday, August 30, 2010

Petroleum Pelican: Getting the Green Message Out

Comic Strip: Wobinna and Friends: Petroleum Pelican
Class Assignment + Exciting Conclusion + Announcement of the Winner

Illustrations and story by Dawn Palfreyman
Copyright 2010 © Wo-Built Inc.

As a "green builder" Wo-Built is always looking for ways to be environmentally conscious and get the green message out.

We recently featured a Wobinna comic strip of a class project entitled Petroleum Pelican. In light of the BP oil spill recently, we wanted to illustrate that the message of taking care of nature is getting out to young people and they are being proactive with environmental issues.

Wobinna & Friends are respectful of nature and this project is a reflection of that.

Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment
Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment: Part 2
Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment: Conclusion

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Announcing Wobinna's own blog

In April this year we announced on Wo-Built Inc's blog ( that Wobinna, our animated spokesperson, our anime, was finally here.

We would like Wobinna, our animated tradeswoman, to connect with younger women to encourage them to enter the building trades. We want to create story lines that through humour and information will persuade young women to consider the trades as a career or at least will provide food for thought and discussions.

Therefore Wobinna and her friends now have their own blog. Over the next week we will repost the first Wobinna stories again on this blog. After that look out for new stories.

Martina Ernst
CEO - Wo-Built Inc