Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spaces Become Pieces of Art: Mondrian-Inspired Reno

comic strip: WoBinna and Friends: Home Reno Inspired by Piet Mondrian, by Dawn Palfreyman, copyright Wo-Built Inc.
Comic Strip: WoBinna and Friends: A Home Reno:
Inspired by Piet Mondrian, Panel 3

Illustrations and story by Dawn Palfreyman
Copyright 2010 © Wo-Built Inc.

Remember our last strip: A Home Reno: Inspired by Piet Mondrian, now a couple of comments about the artist and the idea of using art for inspiration.

Mondrian was a Dutch painter born in 1872. He was known in the early 1900's for his impressionistic or abstract paintings and best known for his works form - a form he evolved and which he termed Neo-Plasticism. The paintings have a field of white with thin vertical and horizontal black lines where some boxes are filled with primary colours.


Using art as a basis for your design ideas is a great inspirer. In this case introducing colours in a seemingly random pattern provides the WOW affect that is so desirable in design. Here at Wo-Built we are always looking for the little extra that will provide a dramatic aspect in a space. WoBinna has matched the spirit perfectly.

We are proponents of simplicity and flexibility in both interior design and for our home additions. The best spaces are the ones which speak for themselves without the use of elaborate finishes. Spaces become pieces of art.



  1. I invite everyone to talk about your favourite artists and how their art can inspire buildings.


    Wo-Built Inc

  2. Really love this post, well done computer ladies!!!