Friday, September 24, 2010

A Makeover

shed the tomboy image: makeup for recovering tomboy: comic strip: WoBinna and Friends: by Dawn Palfreyman, copyright Wo-Built Inc.Comic Strip: WoBinna and Friends: A Makeover
Illustrations and story by Dawn Palfreyman
Copyright 2010 © Wo-Built Inc.

It's a new year and grade 12 at that, so WoBinna has decided it's time to shed the tomboy image and start looking the part of young lady that she is now becoming.

Panel 1

The girls have gone to the mall to spend some of their well earned summer job money, and this time round it's a special trip.

WoBinna (all excited): Girls! I need a new look. A new year, a totally new me!!! Any ideas?

Micki (brimming with enthusiasm): There’s lots we can do!! Awesome!!! Can't wait to help!!

Alex (also piping in with vigor): I'm getting another piercing. I'll be happy to introduce u to that world!!

Panel 2

Lots of activity ensues as the girls have got Wobinna doing all kinds of things. There's new clothes, hair and makeup and even a few ear piercings!!

WoBinna (looking for approval from her BFFs): What do you think?

Micki & Alex (shocked and amazed shout in unison): WOW!!

Panel 3

Finally getting home after a fab day at the Mall WoBinna shows her new look off to Mom and Dad.

WoBinna (hoping for a good reaction): Mom, Dad... What do you think?

Mom (almost falling off the couch): Wow, WoBinna! Not my little tomboy anymore!! Love the streaks!

Dad (in awe at how grown up WoBinna looks): Is this really my little girl?!! You look beautiful!!!

Wobinna & Friends: A Makeover

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