Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Star Is Built

A strip dedicated to the joy of diversity available in T.O. during the Toronto International Film Festival. I think we would all learn a little by taking in a film or two at this festival as it includes a variety of different outlooks on life and culture through international cinema. We could all benefit by being more compassionate of the differences between us all and this could be a little way to start you thinking about it.

Comic Strip: WoBinna and Friends: A Star Is Built
Illustrations and story by Dawn Palfreyman
Copyright 2010 © Wo-Built Inc.

Panel 1

The girls are on a three way phone call on a Saturday morning talking about what they are maybe going to do on the up-coming weekend.

WoBinna (has an idea while sipping a cup of coffee, asking about an outing they could go to): "Hey guys, what do you think about checking out the film festival?"

Micki (multi-tasking on the computer and cell phone): "That would be cool! I'd love to see some of the stars that are in town!!"

Alex (another multi-tasker, walking the dog and chatting): "Sic! When do you want to go? I think my Dad could get us tickets!!"

Panel 2

WoBinna gets up to go to the front as she hears someone knocking and Mom and Dad are sleeping in.

WoBinna (curious who would be at the door Saturday morning she shuffles half awake to the door): "Hold on, someone's at the door."

Two men (dressed rather cool with a pleased look on their faces): "Hi, we're with a film crew. We saw your dollhouse in the yard & would love to use it as a prop.”

WoBinna (outrageously excited): "FOR A MOVIE!!"

Cell phone (dropping to the floor with voices on the other end: (you there?)

Panel 3

After talking to the movie guys and telling them she'll talk to her parents she takes their card and closes the door. The being as quiet as possible so she doesn't wake her brother or parents she does her happy dance!!

WoBinna (really over-joeys now): "Oooh!! Hoo!!"

WoBinna (just talking about going to see the stars and realizes something): "I Built A Star!!! Hee Hee!! Woot! Woot! Yaaaaa!!"

Wobinna & Friends: A Star Is Built

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