Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A New School Year, A New Friend

Comic Strip: Wobinna and Friends, Illustrations by Dawn Palfreyman for Wo-Built Inc.Comic Strip: Wobinna and Friends: A New School Year, A New Friend
Illustrations and story by Dawn Palfreyman
Copyright 2010 © Wo-Built Inc.

The new school year has only just begun.

Panel 1

Wobinna is on a construction site hauling a piece of lumber when she spots an interesting newcomer looking at her and the construction site with interest and excitement. Immediately her curiosity is up and she introduces herself to the new girl. Alex, the newcomer, is working at the intersection as a cross guard for the summer but will be starting at the same school that Wobinna is attending. She is quite intrigued by the sight of a girl wearing a hardhat and toolbelt and generally fitting in at the construction site as building is something she likes as well.

Wobinna (cheerfully): Hello. I haven't seen you around before. Did you just move to town?

Alex (with a friendly smile): Ya, Hi! Gonna be going to Main St. High for Gr. 12.

Site Worker (shouting in the background): BINNA

Panel 2

Alex and Wobinna are having a lunch break and have met up again. While munching on sandwiches at the site, they chat about the upcoming school year.

Wobinna (delighted with her new friend): That's great! I'm a senior there this year too! I'll introduce you around!

Alex (sandwich in hand responding enthusiastically): FAB!! Can't wait! Looking forward to my classes this year. My name is Alex by the way.

Panel 3

The two girls meet up again after their shifts are over and walk home together still chatting about school. They are excited to discover that they both have an interest is in building and the trades.

Wobinna (finally remembering to introduce herself): I'm Wobinna. My best friend and I are into the trades too. Maybe we could be the trades trio!

Alex (still with enthusiasm): Your school has lots of trades courses, I love that!! I'm not much of a girlie girl!!

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